Part 1: A Peek Inside Our Website Redesign


Building the web design foundations first

With a lot going on and and constant brainstorming on how we can make our clients sites better – both functionally and creatively, we decided it was finally our turn to re-look at our own site, dust off some of the old, grab the bull by the horns and showcase Media Muscle!

From the start we knew what we wanted – clean lines, point of difference, fast page flipping and easy access. That’s just the start really. Secondly, we needed to ask ourselves, “are we portraying what we really should be doing?’  In other words, do our services line up with our vision and mission? Guess what, we were shocked to see our focus had got a bit off line through the years.

This is a point we all sometimes miss. Redoing your website shouldn’t just be about modernising the look and feel. It’s an opportunity to re-evaluate your business plan and make sure your main shop front reflects exactly what you sell – or should I say what you want to sell.

Every business evolves and services that you once primed as key have now taken a back seat to another new champion that has come through the ranks. Equally, reevaluating gives you the opportunity to check whether targeting a specific service actually makes sense anymore.

Here’s what we came up with after going through the process:

We are excellent at doing to primary services:

1. Branding
2. Web design and development
3. Lead Generation

These three areas for us complete everything thing that is a key to successful marketing. Firstly, establish your brand, ensuring it is unique, stands out and has great personality. Secondly showcase your brand through smart and simple web design Brisbane and development and lastly drive customers to your shop front through lead generation and SEO.

David Roake