As you know, the number of backlinks a website has determined, to a large extent, its popularity in search engines. In effect, Google will consider sites with more quality backlinks to be more relevant than those with fewer backlinks when it comes to a search query.

For Seo brisbane, having a high number of quality backlinks will:

  • Increase your search engine rankings
  • Improve your website search traffic
  • Increase your conversions

Link Score

It is not sufficient to only concentrate on having many backlinks to your website; they have to be quality links. As a matter of fact, having many low quality links linking back to your website will have a negative impact on your SEO efforts. Focus on quality over quantity.

How does Google determine the backlink’s quality?

Every incoming link has an individual quality score known as PageRank. So, links from credible sites such as government sites, popular websites, educational sites etc., carry more weight compared to little-known websites. By having many links from different quality websites, your link score increases. Remember that you cannot afford to have spammy links. It is also important to note that having many links from the same domain carries little weight because Google will probably count only one link from each domain.

Crucial Link-building Factors You Need To Know

Apart from the number of backlinks pointing to your website, other factors determine your backlink’s success story. They include the following:

1. Relevance: Your backlinks need to be relevant to your website. For example, if your website is about losing weight and you get backlinks from websites that are not related to weight loss or health, Google may suspect that you did not earn your backlinks the proper way.

2. Anchor text matters: An anchor text is a specific text used in the link pointing to your site. The anchor text should ideally be based on relevant keywords. It is advisable to mix your anchor texts throughout the pages of your website.

3. Have good content: Content is king. If you do not have good content, then it will be difficult to attract quality links from authority sites. Moreover, publishing quality content will increase your trust factor in search engines.

Having said that, links aren’t going away any time soon and will continue to be the litmus test for future Google ranking signals. Even though that Google continuously updates its algorithms, around 600 times a year, link building has remained unchanged.